Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Availability: Print-On-Demand

If you've ever wondered what all the abbreviations and acronyms writers throw about mean, here's a good one for you:  POD = print on demand.  Instead of a publisher printing a 'run' of thousands of books and sending them to bookstores, a POD book is only printed if someone orders it, thus avoiding the horrific waste stream of unwanted books flooding our landfills or hopefully being recycled.
I have set up my books with CreateSpace, Amazon's print-on-demand publishing platform, for those who prefer print copies to ebooks.  CreateSpace does not have a central 'author' area, so you must go to each book individually:

I have also added my works to OmniLit / AllRomance;  your best bet is to search for Eva Caye as an author:
And, as always, I have my works at Amazon and Smashwords.  Here are my author page and series page:

Morality should be out in 2014; it's taking so long because I am researching nuclear radiation topics such as depleted uranium and the Fukushima disaster, and frequently falling into depressive states as a result.  I do not plan to go further with this series, though I do have two prequels in the works.  Neither are sci fi romances, though they have plenty of sex...!

Enter the Goddess is a science fiction novel with considerable sexuality, though it is not a romance.  Set on Corona Segundus, Leah Marie Fischer discovers the scientists who established the colony threw social mores out the window when deciding upon the rules, so she learns to work around them, and then some.

Undying Dawn is a science fiction novel featuring Kyan Sinclair, who along with Joshua Edwards has to decide how and with whom to colonize their new planet.  Although romance matters to him, the science fiction overwhelmingly supports the travails he encounters when he dreams really big.

Thanks to all my readers!  Please consider dropping me a line, leaving a review, and telling your friends about the To Be Sinclair series!

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