Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mindfulness and Depression

Poking at the causes of my depression, I think I have figured out one small part: the vast emptiness reflects how little ego I have left. Instead of crying in confusion at that gaping maw, the echoes of the shouts, "What's wrong with me?!" are now so faint that I can't tell that anything is wrong, nor that anything is me.
Strangely, now that I accept that, I can look around and see the life-light popping out of places and things in amazing ways. I stand in mindful appreciation, delighted and awed by the universe, laughing gently at the way the Divine Spirit cavorts and teases me, encouraging me to join in. So if you ever find me doing any silly thing, don't ask me what I am doing or why. I'm not in your dimension anymore.

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