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SFR Brigade Presents: Excerpt from MAJESTY

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is a lovely group of authors who work to promote this science fiction subgenre's potential as the best niche in the galaxy!  The SFR Brigade Showcase consists of excerpts by up to 20 authors to give you an idea of our work.  Please visit SFR Brigade Presents! for this month's excerpts.  And here is mine.... which Emperor Victor Sinclair learns to trust himself, as well as his Empress, bone-deep....

SFR Brigade Presents:  Excerpt from MAJESTY, Book Two of the To Be Sinclair series by Eva Caye

When Victor described the meeting, Felice instantly said, “Mikhail.”
 Confused, Victor asked, “Mikhail what?”
 Felice turned from brushing her hair before the vanity. “Have him mentor the new Duke Vincent. It will give him some pride, some reason to live, an ally in the Assembly, and a sense of honor in the fact that you both believe he can wipe out the shame of his House. He needs it.”
 Victor moved to hug her and breathe in her essence. “What would I ever do without you?” He nuzzled her neck as Felice leaned into him.
 She finally asked quietly, “Do you trust yourself yet?”
 Victor nodded. “If what she said was factual, she never repeated her commands, nor had me repeat them, and they were vague enough that I am sure I am no true harm to you.” He caressed her breast. “Will you come to bed with me tonight?”
 Felice looked him over. “Are you willing to undergo my ritual?”
 He considered this for all of three seconds. “Yes. But I hope you explain it to me. I don’t want to have to guess what it means.”
 “I’ll explain every step.” She led him to the bed. “Please remove your clothes.”
 He began to do so. “Aren’t you going to help me?”
 “No. You must do it of your own free will. That is the essence of the ritual; you must be convinced of your own free will. Now, lie down on the bed, relax, and try to think of our love. I’ll be right back.”
 She left the room. When she returned, she had two long silk scarves in her hands. Victor stared at her in alarm. She sat on the bed, still fully clothed. “What do you need those for?”
 “I am going to tie you up. You were restrained by the drug, so I am going to restrain you now. But only of your own free will. At this point, we’ve gone way beyond manipulation issues and have to delve into trust issues. You either trust me, or you don’t.” Felice waited patiently.
 Victor had to struggle with the notion for a few minutes before he gave his assent. The thought of being completely at anyone’s mercy right now, even hers, was painful, but he suddenly recalled their first time in bed. Teaching Felice to trust him as he opened her had deepened their commitment in ways he had never imagined, an incredible satisfaction that still soared well above the pleasures of the bedroom.
When he finally nodded, she tied his legs at the ankles and his hands over his head, reminding him, “Are you thinking of our love for each other? Try to think of the times you felt the most love for me when we were not actually touching.” He shivered a bit; the way her simple statement paralleled his previous thoughts was uncanny. She tied both scarves with bows so they would unravel with one tug.
 “Now I’m going to love you. Remember, at all times I am touching you because I love you. I am not going to have sex with you. Just love and care for you. I have no intentions beyond showing you that you matter more to me than anyone else in the universe.”
 She began by kissing him and hugging him, then caressing his face and torso. She had him roll over and gave him a back rub. Rolling him back over, she rubbed his feet for a while. After releasing the knot around his ankles, she moved back up to hug him. He was totally relaxed and slightly aroused.
 “Are you comfortable?”
 “Very.” He felt like the stresses of that hideous day, and a thousand merciless ones before it, had been erased by the tenderness and relentless love of his magnificent lady wife, she of the keenest intellect and strongest will he had ever known.
 “Do you trust me?”
 “Yes. Completely.”
 “Do you trust yourself with me?”
 He smiled very broadly. “I trust myself to show you the time of your life. Does that count?” At her giggle, he continued. “I understand the nature of the ritual. I think you were right to do it. I’m not entirely sure I want it to end yet, though.”
 “Sorry.” Felice untied the bow at his hands. ”To finish the ritual, you must have complete freedom of movement and complete free will. And you must have complete trust in yourself and in me.” She touched him amorously. “So, what are you going to do about it?”
He laughed, growled, and pounced. She giggled madly for quite some time thereafter.

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