Friday, January 23, 2015

New book: Enter the Goddess

Enter the Goddess is the first prequel for my To Be Sinclair series, which takes place approximately 100 years in the future, almost 500 years before the series.  Although it deals extensively with sexuality and does have romantic elements, it is primarily science fiction, not sci fi romance. It is now with my editor, and I plan to release it around April 7th:

With minimal education and skills, immigrant Leah Marie Fischer might as well be a slave on Corona Segundus, as she and her best friend Joshua realize they must do something drastic to get ahead on this planet.  Founded by scientists, colonial mores are fixed yet flexible, so Leah chooses to take advantage of her assets to become a 'high dancer' and get trained by the planet's most famous, groundbreaking courtesan, Catrina Marese.

Now that she knows how to care for and love men properly, Leah works hard to build her financial independence while also maximizing her opportunities to love the most important men in her life.  After she helps Catrina's powerful and wealthy ex learn to die with dignified grace, she suddenly finds herself the last-minute heiress to half his fortune, to her detriment....  What does she ultimately find worthy to invest in?

Witness the humble Leah transform herself into an idol of feminine empowerment and a leader of grit and compassion in the early days of the galactic colonization effort, as humanity stands to welcome a new Goddess!

The second prequel, Undying Dawn, is also science fiction, not SFR, and I anticipate publishing it by the end of 2015. Set a few years after Enter the Goddess, its main character is Kyan Sinclair, founder of the Sinclair Demesnes:

Kyan Sinclair and his best friend and business partner Joshua Edwards intend to use their vast fortunes from Kyan's revolutionary product, the PsyActive Link, to create a new civilization for a new planet, the 9th and most Earth-like one found to that point.  Yet it may be more than two men can handle, to distill and instill the best cultural and scientific ideals and procedures into their colony from so many conflicting developments of Earth's past, hoping to fulfill their creative vision of a flowering, proactive society.

 But what happens when their status as billionaires evaporates virtually overnight?  Discover why ingenuity and his desperate need to pour mind, body, and spirit into the promise of a new society give Kyan Sinclair the strength to establish the most extraordinary government to be found: the Sinclair Demesnes!

Note: this prequel to the To Be Sinclair series describes sexual situations.

I anticipate the audacity with which the main characters of both books plan their lives, and the often-devastating ways in which people react to them and society perceives them, will give my readers many opportunities to laugh, cry, gape, and simply ponder what we can get away with in life!

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