Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fidelity (To Be Sinclair, Book 10) is LIVE!

Prince Richard Sinclair is his brother's right-hand-man and go-to guy, who excels as the Emperor's Fireman because he can't deal with his personal life. He only plays the Imperial Bad Boy because that's what makes the dukes respect him, despite his age, intelligence, education, and birthright. Delightfully intrigued by Lady Meredith Lauder, his virtual Cinderella, he rescues her from her burdensome family life at the first opportunity. 

Scarred by ridicule and neglect, Merry gleefully abandons her family, but she feels she has to work at the Imperial Palace to compensate for Richard's generosity. Even as he entices her to his bed, she feels like she's being true to her core principles, to never be dependent upon a man, and to pursue a relationship of equals.

But when the Emperor disappears, they realize just how fragile their world really is, both personally and politically. Richard desperately throws himself into governing as Imperial Steward while demanding that everyone search for Matthieu. And Merry plays the part of the 'supportive girlfriend' in his hour of need... until two men jeopardize the emotional balance they've gained in their lives! 

How can Prince Richard deal with the frightful political situation without losing his lover?  Will his family tear him and Merry apart, or will hers? Or will it be his anger issues, so like her dad's? *Note: This book contains sexual situations.

Fidelity is about 90% romance to 10% science fiction, and it comes between Morality and Ability in the series.  I couldn't help it; there was a ten-year gap, and Richard began demanding that his story be told!  So I re-numbered the books in my series and included Evan's Ladies as a regular book (#7).

Besides two prequels, I have only one more planned in the series, Civility, featuring Princess Elizabeth, finally!  (I'm hoping insiders are laughing at the joke!)  She's 57 years old and tired of being the Demesnian Representative to the Galactic Assembly, so Emperor Matthieu offers her a new position... and her husband Gerard is not pleased!  Given that this series is science fiction romance, I hope that's enough intrigue to get you interested.  It's going to be a bear of a book to write; I anticipate it taking two years, actually.

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