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Enter the Goddess -- Excerpt and Release Date

Enter the Goddess -- tentative release date April 7, 2015

After displaying a new routine to her mentor, Leah had helped Catrina drink a cup of hot chocolate in bed, covered her with her blankets, got under the covers with her, and snuggled her close for one of their late-night conversations.
Catrina sighed at one point.  “I really appreciate the way you’ve been taking care of me, especially the warmth of your body at night and the sheer animal comfort of being held so dearly.  
But, aren’t you interested in the men at all?  One of the benefits of the contractual system of marriage is to maximize the genetic potential of the colony, after all.”
Leah kissed Catrina’s papery cheek.  “I’m certain I’ll do so if I ever find the right man.”
Catrina heaved a heavier sigh.  “I’m sorry.”  She asked Leah to help her turn more on her side.  When she could finally look Leah in the eye as they rested, Catrina murmured, “I think I might have done you a disservice. 
“I’ve captured your attention with the power of your sexuality, but you aren’t sharing it beyond your high dancing.  I know part of the reason you don’t is because of your upbringing, that you haven’t shed the sexual mores of your family on Earth. 
“But I don’t understand why you’ve rejected the sexual advances of every man.  Is it that they don’t offer you thoughtful tokens besides money and tips?”
“No, Catrina, truly, it has nothing to do with that.  I’ve rather been thinking of it as building my power inside of me, like I’ve been building my bank account and social duty credits.  Releasing that power in the dance has been good; I like feeling like I understand men so much better at this point.  But it’s enough of a release that I feel I don’t need to choose a man for any purpose yet. 
“I love you, I love our lessons, I love living and working in this house for you, and I love spending the night with you.  I can’t think of a man who could offer me those things, yet.  So here I am, squeezing every last bit of information out of you with every hug,” she jested.
Catrina did offer her a weak laugh, but ended up gazing deeply into Leah’s eyes.   “I think your problem is love.  I feel like you finally love yourself now, which is good.  But it’s only the first step.  You have expanded your circle of love to me and my family, to Dolly and Joshua, and that is good. 
“But the men who follow you, the men to whom you dedicate your art, they’re aware that you know they are beautiful, worthy people because you communicate that very well.  Yet they can’t touch you, and the longer they realize they can’t do so, the current very limited dialogue between you will shrivel. 
“You’ll become a distant goddess to them, attractive but unapproachable.  And when you convince them you are unapproachable, the imagination they invest in you will wane.  You’ve seen a drop-off in earnings these past two months, haven’t you?”
Leah nodded, mouth open in wonder as Catrina explained further.  “If you don’t start showing your love to these men, I fear they’ll find another goddess.”  She finally understood, deep down, several of the lessons Catrina had tried to get across to her.  As if reading her mind, Catrina said, for the last time, “Release your inner goddess.”
“I will.” Leah kissed her forehead, and they got comfortable again, Leah with her arm beneath Catrina’s neck, which seemed to provide her with so much warmth.  They spoke a little more before Catrina dozed off.
When Joshua entered the house shortly after dawn, the snick of the heavy metal door almost directly below was loud enough to wake Leah as usual.  Catrina, cold and stiff in her arms, made her scramble out of the bed with a loud shriek.  Everyone ran to the bedroom.
As Joshua held a sobbing Leah in his arms and Charles held Dolly in his own, Charles’ physician-engineer mother Charlene inspected her mother briefly.  “I’m amazed she has lasted this long.”  
After giving Catrina a kiss on the forehead, she turned back to Leah and Joshua.  “These past two years have been a joy and a blessing for Mother.  If you would like to stay in our household under the same conditions, that’s fine with me.”  She left to call the morgue.
Joshua lifted Catrina’s hand for a kiss, murmuring a prayer and a few words of appreciation before escorting Leah out the door down to his bedroom.  They cried together a while before he put her in his bed.  He showered and got ready for work while Leah thought things through. 
As he dressed, Leah asked, “She was very politely telling us that we’re no longer welcome, correct?

“That’s how I took it,” Joshua said.  

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New book: Enter the Goddess

Enter the Goddess is the first prequel for my To Be Sinclair series, which takes place approximately 100 years in the future, almost 500 years before the series.  Although it deals extensively with sexuality and does have romantic elements, it is primarily science fiction, not sci fi romance. It is now with my editor, and I plan to release it around April 7th:

With minimal education and skills, immigrant Leah Marie Fischer might as well be a slave on Corona Segundus, as she and her best friend Joshua realize they must do something drastic to get ahead on this planet.  Founded by scientists, colonial mores are fixed yet flexible, so Leah chooses to take advantage of her assets to become a 'high dancer' and get trained by the planet's most famous, groundbreaking courtesan, Catrina Marese.

Now that she knows how to care for and love men properly, Leah works hard to build her financial independence while also maximizing her opportunities to love the most important men in her life.  After she helps Catrina's powerful and wealthy ex learn to die with dignified grace, she suddenly finds herself the last-minute heiress to half his fortune, to her detriment....  What does she ultimately find worthy to invest in?

Witness the humble Leah transform herself into an idol of feminine empowerment and a leader of grit and compassion in the early days of the galactic colonization effort, as humanity stands to welcome a new Goddess!

The second prequel, Undying Dawn, is also science fiction, not SFR, and I anticipate publishing it by the end of 2015. Set a few years after Enter the Goddess, its main character is Kyan Sinclair, founder of the Sinclair Demesnes:

Kyan Sinclair and his best friend and business partner Joshua Edwards intend to use their vast fortunes from Kyan's revolutionary product, the PsyActive Link, to create a new civilization for a new planet, the 9th and most Earth-like one found to that point.  Yet it may be more than two men can handle, to distill and instill the best cultural and scientific ideals and procedures into their colony from so many conflicting developments of Earth's past, hoping to fulfill their creative vision of a flowering, proactive society.

 But what happens when their status as billionaires evaporates virtually overnight?  Discover why ingenuity and his desperate need to pour mind, body, and spirit into the promise of a new society give Kyan Sinclair the strength to establish the most extraordinary government to be found: the Sinclair Demesnes!

Note: this prequel to the To Be Sinclair series describes sexual situations.

I anticipate the audacity with which the main characters of both books plan their lives, and the often-devastating ways in which people react to them and society perceives them, will give my readers many opportunities to laugh, cry, gape, and simply ponder what we can get away with in life!

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Happy Holidays!

Greetings!  If you would like to start my To Be Sinclair series, I have priced the first book, Dignity, at $.99 on Amazon for a few days.

Dignity at Amazon

What will the greatest ruling family in the history of the galaxy be like? 

Lady Felicia Sorensen, a brilliant microengineering student, finds herself pressured to date Emperor Victor Sinclair, for he has fallen madly in love with her. Despite being showered with extravagant gowns and attention, she longs for a fascinating life as a scientist, instead of the stressful and dangerous destiny of an Empress. 

The social pressures of being the Emperor's Betrothed, from gossip and manipulation to an assassination attempt, cause her to weigh her love for him against her personal goal, to do research in her own lab someday. How can Lady Felicia follow her dream while still bending to the political necessities of a high elevation? 

My series consists of 'companion novels' -- books 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, all share elements with each other.  Evan's Ladies consists of four novellas between books 6 and 7.

I have two prequels in the works:  Enter the Goddess and Undying Dawn.  Both should be out in 2015.

I hope you enjoy my Sinclair universe!  Have a great holiday season!


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SFR Brigade Showcase: Excerpt from Evan's Ladies

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is a fabulous group of authors who work to promote this science fiction subgenre's potential as the best niche in the galaxy!  The SFR Brigade Showcase consists of excerpts by up to 20 authors to give you an idea of our work.  Please visit the SFR Brigade Showcase for this month's excerpts.  And here is mine....

...in which Prince Evan Sinclair decides to marry Lady Nicole Knightley....

SFR Brigade Showcase:  Excerpt from Evan's Ladies, Book 6.5 of the To Be Sinclair series by Eva Caye
“Well, whatever you need, just let me know.” He kissed the crown of her head and cuddled her tight, holding one of her hands.
After a moment, Nicole stirred. “Evan?” He could hear the hesitancy in her voice. “There is something I need, but I… I fear to voice it to you.” She was motionless under his arm, barely breathing.
“What is that, my love?” As she remained silent, Evan’s mind ratcheted down several lines of thought. She had never asked him for anything important before. Something she feared to voice? It sounded serious, like a political favor.
Get her name jumped to the head of a queue for the position she wanted? Easy enough to do, but she would suffer nine kinds of resentment from coworkers if he did so. Get her thesis professor changed, or interfere with University procedure in some other way? The same would apply. “Why would you fear to say anything to me?”
Nicole bit her lip. “Because I fear you would think less of me. Your good opinion of me matters above all else.”
Oh God, this did sound severe. It had to be a major political favor, then. Something he would have to petition Father about, or given that she was the Imperial Science Liaison, Mother. Could it even be something illegal? This was no good; he was tense, and he could feel her tension increasing from that alone.
He gathered her up into his lap. She clung to him, clutching his clothes, then trying to relax, then clutching them again. Her head was tilted down, but he could see she was biting her lower lip once more.
“Is this about something illegal?” At her explosive bark of laughter, he explained, “I would really get upset about something like that, but otherwise, I would hope I have an open enough mind to hear your concerns and your explanations.” He stroked her hair and kissed her head again. When she finally looked into his face, he could tell she was near tears. “What is it, dearest heart?”
She gazed wide-eyed at him between heavy blinks. “Are you sure you won’t think badly of me if I say something… unexpected?”
“Well, I’m pretty alarmed right now that you feel so terrible about something you are afraid to even confide in me. I promise you I will try my very best to keep an open mind.” He cupped her face.
“Okay. I know this is going to sound bad. But I’m so strung-out right now, and frustrated, and you are holding me so very gently, and you have been gone for three days. But what I need right now is… a good, hard f***."
Evan’s eyes flew wide in surprise before his heart restarted and he managed to regain his breath again. “Ah. Ah. I see.” Seeing the apprehension in her face, he feigned objectivity as he tried not to smile too broadly. “As in, how hard of a f***?”
As all her energetic tension of a moment before flared into a dramatic, anticipatory intent at his clear acceptance, she growled, “Hard. A demonically hot f***.” She put her hand to the top button of his shirt, open at the collar, and yanked down so fast that three buttons popped off. She stared at his exposed chest before reaching into his shirt to run her hand over his torso, then she crushed her mouth against his....
A good hour later, Evan began to laugh and rolled over to face her once more. “Okay, now you have to marry me.”
“Yeah? Why’s that?” She looped a few lazy caresses around his shoulder.
“Because I can’t let you get away. I would rather have you than food, water, or air. 
"And every time we have sex, it’s always different. It’s like I can love you and still get to sleep with a different woman every night.  We’ve been lovers over a year, and you’ve completely spoiled me for any other woman. I haven’t even looked at another lady with desire since I visited you and met your parents.
“Plus, our children will be gorgeous, wealthy geniuses. The ones who don’t become stargate scientists can be caretakers of the planet. Hell, I’ll build a stargate to a new star system, and we can have our own planet, hey, what do you think?”
Nicole laughed and laughed, eventually settling down and growing thoughtful. “I’d love to marry you, but I really miss the wilderness. Being tied to the capital has been pretty stressful for me. But your mother doesn’t let the stargate work out of the labs, so it’s not like we can live in some far-flung duchy.”
“You’re right, but there are four of us. I only seem to be so busy with it because Anne is living in Encino Duchy to be with her children for their first, most important years, and otherwise we had a hell of a mess to clean up after the Atticans bombed the Palace. Now that the South Wing is almost finished, Anne and AndrĂ©s will move in again, and she can take on her share of the work.
“We had three stargate contracts last year and three this year between me, Stefan, and Josef, but one or two is the more usual number. I can time the majority of my production work during your excursions, which would only be perhaps three or four weeks of analysis and construction and another five or six weeks to actually travel and fire up a stargate. Eight to ten weeks a year, say, with a few days on occasion to go to the experiment station. This can be our home base, but we can live and travel wherever we want.”
Her half-closed eyes popped open, curiosity evident as she peered at his face. “Are you saying you want to learn to do field work with me?”
Evan moved to lean over her once more, running his hand up her side before massaging her breast. “I would love it.”

Evan's Ladies on Amazon

Explore the future of love and the galaxy!  Visit the Science Fiction Romance Brigade for excerpts by many authors!

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade Home Page
The SFR Brigade Facebook Fan Page

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SFR Brigade Presents: Excerpt from MAJESTY

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is a lovely group of authors who work to promote this science fiction subgenre's potential as the best niche in the galaxy!  The SFR Brigade Showcase consists of excerpts by up to 20 authors to give you an idea of our work.  Please visit SFR Brigade Presents! for this month's excerpts.  And here is mine....

...in which Emperor Victor Sinclair learns to trust himself, as well as his Empress, bone-deep....

SFR Brigade Presents:  Excerpt from MAJESTY, Book Two of the To Be Sinclair series by Eva Caye

When Victor described the meeting, Felice instantly said, “Mikhail.”
 Confused, Victor asked, “Mikhail what?”
 Felice turned from brushing her hair before the vanity. “Have him mentor the new Duke Vincent. It will give him some pride, some reason to live, an ally in the Assembly, and a sense of honor in the fact that you both believe he can wipe out the shame of his House. He needs it.”
 Victor moved to hug her and breathe in her essence. “What would I ever do without you?” He nuzzled her neck as Felice leaned into him.
 She finally asked quietly, “Do you trust yourself yet?”
 Victor nodded. “If what she said was factual, she never repeated her commands, nor had me repeat them, and they were vague enough that I am sure I am no true harm to you.” He caressed her breast. “Will you come to bed with me tonight?”
 Felice looked him over. “Are you willing to undergo my ritual?”
 He considered this for all of three seconds. “Yes. But I hope you explain it to me. I don’t want to have to guess what it means.”
 “I’ll explain every step.” She led him to the bed. “Please remove your clothes.”
 He began to do so. “Aren’t you going to help me?”
 “No. You must do it of your own free will. That is the essence of the ritual; you must be convinced of your own free will. Now, lie down on the bed, relax, and try to think of our love. I’ll be right back.”
 She left the room. When she returned, she had two long silk scarves in her hands. Victor stared at her in alarm. She sat on the bed, still fully clothed. “What do you need those for?”
 “I am going to tie you up. You were restrained by the drug, so I am going to restrain you now. But only of your own free will. At this point, we’ve gone way beyond manipulation issues and have to delve into trust issues. You either trust me, or you don’t.” Felice waited patiently.
 Victor had to struggle with the notion for a few minutes before he gave his assent. The thought of being completely at anyone’s mercy right now, even hers, was painful, but he suddenly recalled their first time in bed. Teaching Felice to trust him as he opened her had deepened their commitment in ways he had never imagined, an incredible satisfaction that still soared well above the pleasures of the bedroom.
When he finally nodded, she tied his legs at the ankles and his hands over his head, reminding him, “Are you thinking of our love for each other? Try to think of the times you felt the most love for me when we were not actually touching.” He shivered a bit; the way her simple statement paralleled his previous thoughts was uncanny. She tied both scarves with bows so they would unravel with one tug.
 “Now I’m going to love you. Remember, at all times I am touching you because I love you. I am not going to have sex with you. Just love and care for you. I have no intentions beyond showing you that you matter more to me than anyone else in the universe.”
 She began by kissing him and hugging him, then caressing his face and torso. She had him roll over and gave him a back rub. Rolling him back over, she rubbed his feet for a while. After releasing the knot around his ankles, she moved back up to hug him. He was totally relaxed and slightly aroused.
 “Are you comfortable?”
 “Very.” He felt like the stresses of that hideous day, and a thousand merciless ones before it, had been erased by the tenderness and relentless love of his magnificent lady wife, she of the keenest intellect and strongest will he had ever known.
 “Do you trust me?”
 “Yes. Completely.”
 “Do you trust yourself with me?”
 He smiled very broadly. “I trust myself to show you the time of your life. Does that count?” At her giggle, he continued. “I understand the nature of the ritual. I think you were right to do it. I’m not entirely sure I want it to end yet, though.”
 “Sorry.” Felice untied the bow at his hands. ”To finish the ritual, you must have complete freedom of movement and complete free will. And you must have complete trust in yourself and in me.” She touched him amorously. “So, what are you going to do about it?”
He laughed, growled, and pounced. She giggled madly for quite some time thereafter.

Explore the future of love and the galaxy!  Visit the Science Fiction Romance Brigade for excerpts by many authors!

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade Home Page
The SFR Brigade Facebook Fan Page

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It's NOT Writer's Block, I Swear!

I know what writer's block is like, and I've rarely had it.  I usually have so many ideas jostling for attention that my biggest difficulty is phrasing things efficiently.

Still, there are many times I've been frustrated when writing a scene.  I'm on the last chapter of Enter The Goddess, the first prequel to my To Be Sinclair series, and working through some old traumas while writing (and re-writing, and re-writing) a few scenes.  I told my editor it's like unpacking a wound and stuffing bleach-soaked gauze in it again (if your doctor prescribes Dakins solution, be prepared to either bite something or yell at the top of your lungs!), painful as hell though you know it will, someday, eventually not make you writhe and scream with the pain.

Whenever the pressure gets too much, I try to find an alternate activity that will soothe me and make me feel productive.  As a result, I revamped my book covers and put them together in twos, since they are companion novels.  I uploaded them to KDP, though they probably won't go 'live' until tomorrow.  Enjoy!

 DIGNITY on Amazon

 MAJESTY on Amazon

FEALTY on Amazon

ROYALTY on Amazon

DYNASTY on Amazon

LOYALTY on Amazon

NOBILITY on Amazon

MORALITY on Amazon

Oh, and the book of four novellas, Book 6.5 in the series!

My editor's favorite!  Evan's Ladies on Amazon

I'd have a hard time picking my favorite, although I really think I nailed the men's personalities in Dynasty, though not very many people like that book as much as the others.

Oh, and for funsies, the two prequels, hopefully to be finished by 2015:


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Passion! Or, Why I Write What I Write

My To Be Sinclair series is rather hard to describe, especially since it covers 54 years, 12 main characters, dozens of secondary characters, and hundreds of topics I've researched.  It is undoubtedly science fiction romance, yet I have even marketed it as 'futuristic Imperial romance' to make it palatable to romance readers.  Since mixed genre novels tend to be difficult to sell, especially in two genres often considered 'opposites' like science fiction and romance, the potential reader has to decide whether being subjected to the other genre is worth enjoying his or her preferred genre. Perhaps this blog post will help your decision-making process!

Depression is Apathy, Squared and Cubed
Although my first nervous breakdown was in 2003, I had been diagnosed with depression a few years before that. If the meds helped at all, it was because they doped me up so badly I couldn't think how to kill myself.

That's okay; a nervous breakdown is like dying, anyway.  For about a week, I literally did not understand a word anyone was saying -- I remember staring at one lady I worked with as hubby took me to clear out my desk, chatting merrily (to see me, I suppose), and I burst into tears because I couldn't remember language, or even my own name. What else is like death if not loss of ego?

You can't do anything without shaking or needing help -- I recall crying over dropping a steak dinner, which the hubby promptly cleaned up only to split his steak with me.  I couldn't watch TV for about six months because the images moved too fast for me to process, so I would get nauseated.  Riding in a car, I closed my eyes because I couldn't tolerate all the decisions my husband was making about traffic, or even process the businesses passing by in a flurry, lest I get carsick. I pretty much have tunnel vision to this day.

I would say the worst part of a nervous breakdown are the false sensations you get from your damaged nerves. Dropping things is the least of it. I had a 'snake-in-the-brain', curled up in the back of my head, and occasionally it would uncurl itself to settle into a new position.  I could swear I 'heard' the cerebro-spinal fluid sloshing around at those times; I certainly felt it, wondering whether it would slosh out of my ears or down my spine.  I also had these flushes, starting about heart level, quickly going up my neck and down my arms, occasionally reaching my face.  Although women have suggested I was undergoing The Change, hormonal data said otherwise. In addition, I don't think hot flashes happen several times a minute for hours on end.

I have dragged you through this disgusting tale for one reason: to show you how easy it is to lie in bed all day and ignore everything happening to you.  Depression is utmost apathy, not sadness; you cry when you realize you don't care about anything anymore, not even being alive.  You want to care, you know it's the 'human' thing to do, but you simply can't. You are in the darkness (light is too stimulating, and you can't process information over a few feet away anyway), and your mind has slowed to a snail's pace (if you retain words at all), and nothing your senses tell you makes sense, so you try to ignore it all.  To ignore is to not care, deep down in your soul where you intellectually know you are supposed to care, but you can't.

The opposite of the deep soul-apathy of depression is PASSION. I knew that, intellectually, so I had to find something I was passionate about.  I have described in many interviews how, after going back to work and having a second breakdown in '08, I decided I had to drastically change my lifestyle and find something I could get passionate about.

One day, I decided to have conversations between the 'old me', alpha-teacher desperately disgusted with a system that forced me to judge kids constantly and over whom I had authority I didn't want, with the person I wanted to be, studying science at the university level until I had the expertise to invent cool things I had only read about in science fiction.  Those dialogues took off so fast that I began writing them down, then developing characters around them, and the To Be Sinclair series was born.

Passion!  I had it, at least for writing down these dialogues in my head. But, what else could I say I was passionate about?

Science Fiction, Life Simulator
I had read a few fantasy books in high school, but when a political science professor required Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy to demonstrate the principles of balance of power, I was hooked.  I consumed the sci-fi classics and pondered the utility of science fiction-as-simulation, answering the question, "What if...?"

Great science fiction is not simply an exposition of projected scientific inventions and their benefits, disadvantages, and limitations, which is what non-sci-fi people fear, as if science is just too hard to understand. Its value as literature is in the way people might act and react to the science involved. Writers write for people, therefore science fiction is basically a social thought-experiment.  "If this is a given, then how do people...?" is more accurately the question of great science fiction.

As an author of science fiction romance, I am attentive to the needs of my romance readers. I do have a few sciences I've 'created' for my series, though I only develop the big one, stargate or stelluric science, completely over the span of four separate books.  I mention just enough to 'go on' at each stage in the story, and go more in-depth in later books as necessary.

So although you get several descriptions of the Empress' thought processes as she develops stelluric science, you only get a two-paragraph description of quantum transmitters in book two, Majesty, whereas in book seven, Nobility, the main character needs to know how to disable them, thus a lengthier description.  I barely mention one princess studying sociology, who 'matrixed' social trends, and show a character in a later book learning how to matrix with his family. Important from book one, Dignity, the logic of how jump point beacon station crews do their tasks after jumping through a wormhole only gets described in book six, Loyalty, when a character is suffering frustration because a jump point crew is late.

To be sure, I include many sciences all throughout my series! But I only go into enough personal detail from the character's point-of-view to forward the plot.  So I describe the pain, but not the oozingly gory details, that Princess Anne's severe burns in the ship attack cause her -- only while describing how the medics get her to their tiny sick bay, why they can do some things for treatment but not others, and her physical therapy in the following weeks enough to get her home.  And each scene beyond the first ones is specifically to develop intimacy beyond lovemaking in her relationship with her future husband.

The Many Manifestations of Love
Ah, love!  We all want it; I daresay we all need it.  I recognize that the most important decision you will ever make is over whom you want to spend your life with.  Since that is an exciting prospect, I knew my books had to be romances at heart.  It is also the most enormous genre of them all, and ultimately the entire purpose for why we are having human experiences in the first place.

But frankly, as a loving, spiritual person, I thought long and hard about how I could show my love to my readers, and made some very specific decisions along the way.  I looked around and could not name anyone I had ever met who was inexcusably, outright, 'I-choose-to-be' evil, so I rejected writing Good vs. Evil dichotomies.  I also have great hopes for the human race, so I rejected dystopian futures.  I thought about what people really wished they could do in life, and I kept coming up with, 'invent a such-and-so that makes people want to do this-and-that', so I concentrated on inventions I would love to see happen.

In addition, since my premise focused on the greatest ruling family in the history of the galaxy, I knew it had to be a family filled with love.  Love for each other, love for their chosen fields, love for their people -- such a family had to have measures in place to perpetuate that love.  So Family Night was born, the Empress actively rejects unpleasant people who offend the Imperial Family, and the parents give their complete support to their children, who give their complete support to their siblings, etc.

The few squabbles I show between characters do not touch the fundamentals of their family lives, the loyalty that makes a family out of mere blood relatives.  The final book, Morality, specifically deals with how 'blood relatives' can become family, as well as a dozen moral issues about love and sexuality, such as gossip and slander, bisexuality, categorical rejection, and even defense and self-defense.  If you are a political figure and you love your people, to what lengths would you go to punish an enemy who destroyed your loved ones?

I even strove to find a balance between the fervor for erotic descriptions of my romance readers, and the intellectual disgust of those science fiction readers who know the mechanics of sex and would prefer those descriptions be 'behind closed doors'.  Each book has at least one description of a sexual encounter, and although it always advances the plot, I do not use 'purple prose' to make it sound more romantic.  The most vulgar word I use is 'cock'; I prefer scientific terms such as 'vulva' or 'labia'. To make my romance readers happy, I added 'Easter Egg' short stories to most of the books, and they tend to be more erotic and descriptive, so they even have a warning page for those sci-fi readers determined not to sully their minds!

Above all, I try to show the entire spectrum of love throughout my series.  Straight, gay, bisexual; people with disabilities, people who had been abused.  We are all worthy of love, and a Happily Ever After does not occur when two people finally bed each other, but rather when they have suffered together and still choose each other. And through it all, I try to show my love for humanity, for the reader who has spent good money for my literary experience, for the points-of-view of secondary characters whose lives weave themselves into the story, for the respect and love the main characters hold for each other.

The Results of My Passion
At nine books, the To Be Sinclair series is complete, although people have expressed interest in more books, since I do leave the finale wide-open.  However, if I do write other books, it will be a new series, and only after my two prequels are finished.

The prequels are about the trials of colonization, and I consider them to be more science fiction than sci fi romance.  Enter the Goddess takes place some 150 years in the future, 500 years before the series.  Although it does have a lot of implied sex, it is about a young woman's rise to social power, how it affects political power, and it is principally about how to love properly.

Undying Dawn is roughly 170 years in the future, where the billionaire inventor Kyan Sinclair and his partner plan the colonization of their new planet.  It, too, has romance and sexuality, but it is a scientific and political novel, first and foremost, as I delve into Kyan the scientist's perspective on how to build a new society distinct from the struggles of the old rulers of Earth.

I have a third book in progress, titled The Redemption of Asael, set perhaps 60 years in the future, though on a parallel dimension to ours and not necessarily in the Sinclair universe. Although many of the trials stem from the future I project, in which environmental stability is regularly threatened and humanity must be educated on what we all must do to survive, I explore a tiny yet highly elite class of telepaths who do what they must in order to survive the political structures of their world.

My advice to one and all: FIND YOUR PASSION, and everything will flow from there.  Writing is the toughest, most rewarding work I have ever done, but I am glad I finally dedicated myself to it.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to entertain you!

For things such as back covers and psychological profiles, please visit the To Be Sinclair series on Facebook, or my website!