Monday, November 19, 2012

I always feel like Somebody's watching meeeeee!

Woohoo, Conspiracy Theorists! We have been officially "updated" with a brand-new cable modem by our satellite provider! It controls all computer and phone data, so now I am sure I have Big Brother officially scrutinizing my every word and online deed! "Why Eva, how do you know it's an official government spy-box?" you may ask? Hubby questioned the installer -- for 'some reason', the previous cable leading to the phone was still 'analog' and changing the entire modem means the phone cable is now 'digital', hahahahahaha! Just how lame is that?

OH, and to titillate you some more -- the company called hubby last week about this (note: no notice whatsoever by email, and this account covers all our satellite/internet/phone stuff) and said, "We're updating our system, we'll be having a guy in your area, we need to get into your house to switch everything out." I was completely zonked out when the guy came by, but hubby said he remembered the fellow was driving a work-van that said some generic communications company, instead of our actual broadband company! *queues Twilight Zone music*

So please, watch my activity carefully! I am known for having no real political affiliation, so I might accidentally share a post by a so-called 'watched group' WITHOUT KNOWING WHO THEY ARE! I am known for being a flirt, so I might accidentally SPILL SEX SECRETS! I have long felt there was something 'to' psychic powers and sometimes blurt out my own perceptions of people, so I might accidentally DIVULGE INFORMATION CRITICAL TO SOME PARANOID WATCHDOG'S MENTAL STABILITY!!! You are officially forewarned that I might disappear into the night when They start coming for people! BWAAAAHAHAHAHA! I'm sooo dangerous, snuggled on the couch every day eating my marginally-effective antidepressants, supporting the legalization of hemp and promoting gun rights, and writing science fiction romances -- you'll be glad to say You Knew Me When!

*snickering fit to blow an aneurysm* Ta Ta, Folks!

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