Saturday, November 3, 2012

The ultimate GREEN Christmas! Heirloom Santa!

An email to my family:

Sis and I were talking about Christmas gifts, having a $20 limit, trying to buy nice stuff instead of junk and all, when we came up with an idea:  RE-GIFTING!

That's right, the ultimate GREEN Christmas gift!  We all have nice things around the house that we aren't using or don't value the way we used to.  For example, out in our shed, hubby and I have two sleeping bags, a tent, nice oil lanterns and even the oil to go in them.  We haven't been camping in ages, yet we know R---- and L----go, and that the twins would probably like something like that, too.   As a matter of fact, in the book I'm writing right now, I talk about how much more efficient repurposing is than recycling! 

So, why don't we all do that for Christmas, instead of Happy Santa or Dirty Santa?  Bring one nice almost-new or beautiful gift you barely use (a stock pot or wok?   Cast iron cookware?  An unused tire pump?  Duct tape and rope?  Actual piece of art?) that's in really nice shape, one gift to represent each member of your family and maybe one extra so we all have plenty to choose from, and we can draw numbers like usual and pick the gifts we prefer.  That way, NO ONE spends money, we ALL get something we like that is nice and in great shape, we DON'T have to wrap anything, our previously-loved belongings are going to our loved ones, and so forth.  Don't you think that will be much better than getting cheap overseas stuff?  Especially if your formerly-precious belonging has a story attached to it, and we can all sit around and tell stories!

It's rather like Heirloom Santa, wouldn't you say?  Family treasures, re-treasured?
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