Friday, February 8, 2013

25 Things About Me

A promotional site called Indie Author Anonymous recommended I write a list of 25 Things About Me:

1. I think I own an 1898 Renois original print, but I cannot find any info on what it’s worth.
2. I’ve traveled to Spain, Costa Rica, and Mexico.  I would love to live in Costa Rica or Puerto Rico.
3. I’ve had 3 major concussions and got smarter after each one.
4. I’ve dated several very sensitive men in the past; I write about the sensitive sides of men because ‘uber-macho’ men are over-represented in literature.
5. I’ve studied philosophy, a ton of spiritual systems, and psychic mediumship.  I am a great Tarot reader, or so I’m told!
6. I hate being late for anything.
7. I used to read about 10 books a week.  I would go to the library and pick 3-4 books of career topics, 3-4 science fiction or fantasy books, and 2-3 books I knew nothing about.  Did you know glass is considered a ‘supercooled liquid’?
8  My favorite authors are Robert A. Heinlein and Lois McMaster Bujold.
9.  I used to love to drive cross-country, camping along the way.
10. My favorite instrument (to listen to) is the cello; my favorites to play are the recorder and guitar.
11. I just got a cheapie greenhouse, hoping to raise my own veggies this year.  $1/green pepper NO MORE!
12. I believe most archaeological dating methods are completely wrong, for they rely on inaccurate assumptions, mostly having to do with a continuity of climate, whereas natural disasters can wreak havoc on very large scales.
13. I’m very much an ‘Earth Mother’ hippie child of the 60’s; I’m now into permaculture, recycling, repurposing, and homesteading.
14. If I were to win a lottery, I would build a passive solar earthen house like a hobbit-hole, with a masonry heater and domed with a veggie garden on the roof.  I would like to try some vertical gardening this summer.
15. I have no true sleep schedule, frequently spending the entire night writing, researching, or editing.
16. The only value I think sports have is as a participant, not a spectator.  My favorites are martial arts.
17. I do not willingly turn on the TV.  Twice I’ve lived without a TV for 3 years each.
18. As a former teacher, I believe the educational system in the U.S. is irremediably broken, and all because of ‘grades’.  You do not want to hear my opinion of standardized tests.
19. I have never had children because I couldn’t think of a good reason to have them.  I have always, however, been more than willing to be the family member who would take in a child if some tragedy were to happen to a relative.
20. I try to be a being of love and understanding; sometimes it’s quite difficult!

Some of my views about humanity:

21. We MUST pursue colonization of other planets and interstellar travel.
22. There is a cheap, safe, effective form of male birth control that lasts about 10 years, and every boy and man in the world should have access to it.  See
23. Solar power does not entail only photovoltaic cells producing electricity.  Everyone should educate themselves on solar cooking, distillation, passive solar heating, and the plethora of ways to capture the sun’s energy for furnaces and updraft towers, many of which have been around for thousands of years.  We MUST do this BEFORE we pollute our atmosphere so severely that it cannot clean itself!
24. Feminism has served its purpose, empowering women.  Now is the time for equalism, where we simply treat each other as people and avoid gender bias at all levels.
25. Planting fast-growing evergreens simply because they are fast-growing will not supply the oxygen needs of our future.  We need deciduous trees with broad leaves instead of needles, and not in homogenous plantations; there should be a mix at every opportunity, and we should allow them to grow for a minimum of 100 years before harvesting them.  The Industrial Revolution, a mere 200 year span, has HALVED the number of trees on the planet.
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