Thursday, February 7, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents: Snippet from ROYALTY

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is a lovely group of authors who work to promote this science fiction subgenre's potential as the best niche in the galaxy!  The newest idea is a sign-up, for up to 20 authors, for snippets to showcase our talents and give you an idea of our work.  Please visit SFR Brigade Presents! for this month's snippets.  And here is mine.... which Lady Renee Delacorte, Crown Prince Zhaiden Sinclair's love interest, finally moves beyond her childhood rape....

SFR Brigade Presents:  a snippet from ROYALTY, Book Four of the To Be Sinclair series by Eva Caye

They kissed and caressed each other until she stopped to gaze deeply into his luminous green eyes. “I want you,” she said, voice husky. “All of you.” Running her hands through his hair, she smiled at his hesitation, breathless with uncertainty. “[....]I want to know what it’s like to be completely involved with you. To be your true love.”

“You already are my true love,” Zhaiden whispered. “But if you are sure you’re ready, I am more than willing to give you your heart’s desire.” That roguish smile of his reflected so much joy, Renee could not help but giggle.
He collapsed upon her, buried his face beside her neck in the pillow, and began to cry.

She stroked his head and back for the few moments it took for him to recover. “Come, now, I wasn’t that terrible at it, was I?” His laughter and glittering eyes made her giggle anew.

“Are you okay?” he asked with tender concern.

“Hm. No, I’d say I’ve achieved several orders of magnitude beyond okay,” Renee teased him. As he laughed again, moving off of her to cuddle her, she gave him a happy sigh. “I’ve finally moved on. The past is history. All that matters is now.”

“And tomorrow. And the next day, and the next,” Zhaiden glimmered. “Forever and a day,” he stated sweetly, kissing her hand.

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