Saturday, May 4, 2013

LOYALTY: Preview in Tweets!

Published April 30th, 2013, LOYALTY is the sixth book of the To Be Sinclair series:

LOYALTY: "If I do this, if I open you, I will truly be your slave. I would have no defenses against you."

LOYALTY: "I can't imagine how tortured Father must be... executing a traitor in the heat of towering rage [when] he could have been kept alive [for questioning]...."

LOYALTY: "You fear for his life? In his own house?"

LOYALTY: "I was never a conquest to him. Therefore, he won me to his side."

LOYALTY: "...Stelluric science could be deadly on a massive scale. We do not want that to fall into anyone's hands."

LOYALTY: Hot. Cold. How could she be shivering? The stench of burnt metal, plastic, and flesh assaulted her.

LOYALTY: Murderess.... Treason against her own people. How would she... show her face in public again?

LOYALTY: "Don’t focus on your own role. If anything, you are the weapon that I myself aimed."

LOYALTY: "You are off the comm... I need you to brief the diplomatic corps. For the next 36 hours, you are a Prince."

LOYALTY: He actually felt jealous [they] were so attached to his siblings. Who would cry for him if he went missing?

LOYALTY: "I have always known this was a possibility.... yet how could I love her properly & not support her excellence?"

LOYALTY: "It is a dreadful tax I place upon you, to hope you might love my children despite personal sacrifices...."

LOYALTY: "We are all hostages to fortune.... A stinging insect killed my child. That is no worse a cruel twist of fate than...."

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