Monday, July 1, 2013

Presenting NOBILITY, Book Seven of the To Be Sinclair Series!

You can now get NOBILITY at Amazon! At over 200,000 words, this New Adult book is twice the size of average novels! Discover why Prince Matthieu Sinclair has such troubles finding a lady who could handle all the duties as his Empress, while he also deals with Imperial Family responsibilities as well as taking on secret missions and dangerous diplomatic duties in the Service!

NOBILITY is the official book 7 of the To Be Sinclair series, yet like the others is a good stand-alone novel. An add-on book, Evan's Ladies, consists of four novellas that take place before NOBILITY. Check out the To Be Sinclair series at Amazon and Smashwords:

To Be Sinclair series focuses on the lives and loves of the greatest ruling family in the galaxy, some 600 years in the future.  Being Imperial is not all fun and games!  Empress Felice Sinclair develops and sells her ultra-private and utterly dangerous stargates to the galaxy, and Emperor Victor Sinclair works to keep peace in the Empire while simultaneously interfacing with other governments.  Prince Phillip does everything in his power to help Crown Prince Zhaiden's private life, for the latter must assume a great deal of their father's galactic interface.  Princes Stefan, Josef, and Evan struggle to have real lives while also working to assimilate their mother's stargate program.  Princess  Anne and brothers Prince Brian and Prince Christian strive to achieve their professional goals despite battles, injuries, treasons, and heartache.

Prince Evan Sinclair, the youngest son in the Imperial Family, needs a lady wife who will love him for his true self, not his stature or his wealth.  She must also understand that his professional duties as one of Empress Felice Sinclair's stargate scientists require galactic travel and many trips to their experiment station.  How can he find a brilliant, competent wife among the crowds of socialites?  And when three horrific tragedies strike, can he find an ultimate lady who will help him heal from his traumas?

There are three upcoming novels!
The final book of the To Be Sinclair series deals with the power behind the throne.  Two prequels (approximately 100 years in the future) describe one of the first, most important colonization efforts after the development of wormhole jump ship technology, and the colonization of the planet eventually known as Sinclair Demesne.

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