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To Be Sinclair: NOBILITY, Preview in Tweets!

NOBILITY is the seventh full novel of the To Be Sinclair series; at 200,000 words, it is the size of two novels, putting the series at over one million words.  Published June 30th at Amazon and Smashwords, it received its first five-star review within one day:

Prince Matthieu Sinclair is the near-perfect Heir Second, a tremendous support to his grandparents, but how can he find a lady who will support him mind, body, and spirit? And when turmoils arise over the Attican Reparations Project, will his multitude of skills help him overcome devastating loss? From lessons in authority and responsibility to taking on secret missions, what will he need to do to survive? 

Here is a preview of NOBILITY in 46 tweets!

NOBILITY: "How can I [...] trust you in my future government if all I see is you acting out in desperate attempts to gain attention?"
NOBILITY: [H]e realized his future assignment had nothing to do with nepotism [but with] Imperial necessity.
NOBILITY: "...they are living in a fantasy world, to think nobility means we should be more godlike than human.”
NOBILITY: "[you are] taking the most important development of my life to a brand new level. I love you,” he said with no shame whatsoever.
NOBILITY: “You certainly seem to have a high opinion of yourself. What have you done to deserve it?”
NOBILITY: ", responsibility to each other, and love for each other will be the most important qualities [in how] to be Sinclair.”
NOBILITY: “Goddammit, I don’t care if you are a f*cking lord!” He grabbed Rutherford’s shirt for a throw....
NOBILITY: “If I do not get my hands involved in something right now, [ ] my diplomatic training will be for naught.”
NOBILITY: "You have been well-served by the Imperial Family over the years in ways you cannot begin to imagine.”
NOBILITY: Long after Karen had fallen asleep, he did, too, as two tears tracked down his face.
NOBILITY: Matthieu asked permission to teach the youngsters the code-words and action codes [as well as] the Empress’ sporadic disability...
NOBILITY: “We decided to eliminate levels. If the girls are strong enough to perform a dirty trick, they should learn it."
NOBILITY: "Authority is based on proof; you must prove you can handle a position before you are granted [that] authority."
NOBILITY: Even the ladies [saw] him as nothing more than an Imperial stud, instead of a real person with real achievements under his belt.
NOBILITY: He knew now why love was portrayed as an arrow strike, for his heart nearly stopped at the vibrancy of [...] that grin.
NOBILITY: "We could do a lot of good in the Empire if we show everyone we are willing to ignore the past and consider the needs of the future."
NOBILITY: “Knows how to matrix? Mother calls her darling? Face it, Matthieu, you might as well ask her.”
NOBILITY: “Strategic concerns [are] to achieve the mission. The military issue is simply that we have a pulse pistol aimed at [their heads]"
NOBILITY: God. He wanted this assignment so badly he could barely breathe, but that last part gave him the heebie-jeebies.
NOBILITY: "I just wanted you to know how much I truly need you.... You’re the one. If not you, then no one.”
NOBILITY: "5 months of the worst products on the planet being shoved off on us, disgusting food, substandard housing, suffering all around?"
NOBILITY: "Set fire to the others, because we can’t let incidents like this happen ever again.”
NOBILITY: One goal mattered: the healing of the Imperial Family. He would start with one person at a time.
NOBILITY: [H]e had come back to the center of his life, the truest principle by which he lived. The Imperial Family mattered most.
NOBILITY: "For you still gave her the option of saying no, but when she became pregnant, Mother never did.”
NOBILITY: "... consider the lesson learned by everyone at this point. Violence for dangerous situations, not merely offensive situations."
NOBILITY: "I’d hate to think I’d have to work with dukes for the rest of my life who resented me for past indiscretions.”
NOBILITY: "[A]ll Imperial events are for the same purpose: to [...] and to get the business of Empire accomplished.”
NOBILITY: "To know we shared this moment, that we were here together, and that we blessed each other with our love is all that matters.”
NOBILITY: “Dammit, [I'm] the most eligible man on 4 planets, & the 2nd time I ask a lady to marry me, she tells me to think it over AGAIN!”
NOBILITY: "See if anyone can determine whether this was intended to be an attack against me personally."
NOBILITY: "Would you like to run an Empire, knowing you were controlled by any person who could offer you what you would kill to have?”
NOBILITY: "I don’t know [anyone] who has never wanted to be so powerful. She will serve you with every fiber of her being for that offer.”
NOBILITY: “I’m beset by difficult circumstances." Looking at Grandfather’s haunted eyes, Matthieu wondered what it [cost him] to say that...
NOBILITY: “But if you do not return, everyone will be asked to do unwanted things, for We will pursue a war in your names."
NOBILITY: [H]e also wondered whether Gerard would be able to keep his notorious cool during this mission.
NOBILITY: “Is there anything else you wish to say for posterity at this time, Minister?” The threat of that left Minister Williamson gaping.
NOBILITY: The shuttle’s engines whined at a brain-exploding pitch he had never heard before; he could even see the thick blue-white halo...
NOBILITY: "We have to plan our every [move] to keep [them] from bombing the chancery in their ire & taking on the war that would follow."
NOBILITY: "How can you reasonably expect us to meet with your president face-to-face when we are having [our people] flee your volume?”
NOBILITY: [He] had turned into such a hulking menace of Imperial authority that Matthieu [was] ready to slavishly obey his every word.
NOBILITY: Matthieu started to tremble, resonating to Gerard’s suffering. “I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.”
NOBILITY: “This is a battle of the mind and of the soul. You have to find meaning again."
NOBILITY: "Let them have their comfortable truths; it’s all that gets some people through the day.”
NOBILITY: It seemed he had better plan something spectacular to redeem himself in the eyes of the Imperial Family.
NOBILITY: He made what he felt was his 1st true command decision as an Imperial, as Heir Second, and as an officer. He let the matter pass....

A health crisis inspired Eva Caye to become an obsessive writer, completing eight books in her To Be Sinclair series before she could afford an editor.  She published Dignity in August 2012 and released her 8th book Nobility in June 2013, thus achieving her goal to publish all eight of her completed novels in one year.  She laughingly refers to Evan's Ladies as Book 6.5, an 'add-on' book to the series since it consists of four novellas.  The other seven books are full novels, though most have 'Easter egg' short stories as bonuses for the reader. 

The To Be Sinclair series is set some 600 years in the future and covers the lives and loves of the greatest ruling family in the galaxy.  Her current works-in-progress are a finale to the series, and two prequels set in the TBS universe about 100 years in the future.

Eva lives with her incredibly supportive husband and two lovely mutts in a tiny, century-old farmhouse in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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