Thursday, February 27, 2014

The To Be Sinclair series now at Payhip!

Greetings!  I have uploaded my books to Payhip for not a few reasons:

1.  You get to see a close-up of the cover!
2.  It pays 95% royalty to the author!
3.  You pay via PayPal!

I feel this is very important, as people like my mother are very conscientious about where they use a credit card online.  The disadvantages are that it is a simple website with no 'author page' to showcase all my works, so I must list them all here:  

I found how to do an author page, so here it is!

And here are the individual books:

Evan's Ladies

Three books are on the horizon:  the series finale, Morality; prequel one, Enter the Goddess; prequel two, Undying Dawn.  2014 should be a banner year for me!

And always at these fine retailers!

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