Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Tweets!

Since tweeting previews of Nobility and Loyalty seemed popular, I thought I would give everyone a love-quote of each of my novels for Valentines Day! The prequels (first two) and last book have yet to be published:

Enter the Goddess: Catrina explained further. “If you do not start showing your love to these men, I fear they will find another goddess.”

Undying Dawn: ...he managed to get to sleep by cherishing the gift of even one night of superlative intimacy with his beloved Julia.

DIGNITY: “I’m mindless with joy right now, just being here with you.... Just knowing I will get to love you for the rest of my days.”

MAJESTY: He felt like the stresses of that hideous day had been erased by the tenderness and relentless love of his magnificent lady wife

FEALTY: "To know there is a counterpoint to your melody, your life. To know that you can support the melody of someone else’s life."

ROYALTY: "Please. You have to marry me. I want you to be the mother of my children. Don’t you think that would be enough to satisfy you?”

DYNASTY: “You mean, have sex whenever possible.” They laughed together. “Because I already love you, wherever you are and whatever you do.”

LOYALTY: You’re beautiful and brilliant and... hold the secrets of a mysterious and powerful science. You are the reason pedestals exist.”

Evan's Ladies: "I can be your unrequited love or your secret lover or your dominatrix or some other vice. That ought to make them think twice."

NOBILITY: He knew now why love was portrayed as an arrow strike, for his heart nearly stopped... when she flashed him that grin.

MORALITY: All she had ever wanted was to be loved this deeply by an honorable man. He had made her dreams come true just as she had his....

I also put the books 'in order' depending on if you prefer science fiction to romance:

My series, most to least: Sci fi -- 2,5,7,6,4,1,3 Romance -- 3,6,1,7,4,5,2 Evan's Ladies unrated because it's TOPS!

And reminded people of my first blog post, where I analyzed the word 'passionate':

Too much Passionate Prose? Geeking Out on the Thesaurus Should there be a universal rating system for authors? plz RT

And otherwise just had a good ol' time!

Bachelors! Give a few ladies a card today! Act on your crushes & consider it an experiment in social sciences! Never know what'll result!

Hehehe, 'science fiction romance'!

I hope you're having fun today!

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