Monday, May 19, 2014

SFR Brigade Presents: Snippet from MORALITY

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is a lovely group of authors who work to promote this science fiction subgenre's potential as the best niche in the galaxy!  The newest idea is a sign-up, for up to 20 authors, for snippets to showcase our talents and give you an idea of our work.  Please visit SFR Brigade Presents! for this month's snippets.  And here is mine.... which Princess Grace Encino-Sinclair discovers one of the jocular ideas for retribution her Sentinels use to punish unworthy suitors ....

SFR Brigade Presents:  a snippet from MORALITY, Book Eight of the To Be Sinclair series by Eva Caye

The Sentinels exchanged glances, and Major Pozner cleared his throat. “After listening to the actual words he said to you, it was decided Lord Grossman needed to learn the true value of slander and the harm it causes.”

Suddenly and deliriously happy to think someone had put Van in his place, Grace sat up straight, eager to hear the rest. “Go on.”

“Since Front Wing is so sinuous and you left him so precipitously in the basement game room, he did not know how to get back to the ballroom. By the time he found a Sentinel to ask, the Sentinel had been instructed to have him take a tunnel shortcut.” He paused.

Frowning in confusion, Grace shook her head. “How would that have shamed him?”

Captain Sherlach bit his lips together as Major Pozner replied. “It was the tunnel the groundskeepers take to the lily pond. Since he had no code-card to re-enter the tunnel and was not wearing his overcoat, he naturally headed straight for the front lights of the Palace without looking where he was stepping.

“When he plunged through the ice, the ticklebacks detected the, ah, strongest heat source. By the time he had removed his pants, his blood-curdling screams had drawn a number of watchmen from the lines of ground cars parked before the Front Wing.”

She felt like laughing at the vision, but the women servants did not seem amused. “Who made the decision to misdirect him?”

“Ah, my apologies, Your Highness. I have not been privy to that information.”

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