Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Makes Me Happy

In an attempt to abolish depression, I'm going to write a list of things that make me happy. I intend to add to the list often, hopefully until I am healed forever....

I love petting my doggies!  They are shedding like crazy, now, and they detest getting brushed, but they love having the Mommy love on them.  So I pet them and clean up the piles of fur later.

I love writing!  I'll get online to check Facebook, Twitter, G+ if I have the time, but inevitably I find myself opening up a document to write something down.  Maybe it's my 'Brainstorms' doc or my 'Books to Write' doc, or my 'Sh*t to Get Done' list or my shopping list, but if I think of it, I write it down immediately so I don't forget it forever.

I love peddlers malls!  All the old, groovy stuff they don't make right anymore, like some of the authentic old Pyrex that does not blow up like the new Chinese formulation.  I got an old desk lamp from the 60's the other day -- still works, takes one of those long tensor-type bulbs.  I'd buy any pre-60's tool than anything on the market today!

I love to eat!  Unfortunately, I have no patience with cooking, and I must avoid letting my diabetes get out of control, but otherwise I adore a fabulous meal in a nice restaurant.  I do have one problem, though -- you know that 'principle' where the first bite or two contains the maximum amount of pleasure?  Yeah, that doesn't work for me.  I get just as much pleasure out of the last bite as the first one.

I love to help people!  At my most cynical, I complain that the 'takers' have propagandized how honorable it is for the 'givers' to give so they have more to take.  But if a family member, friend, or acquaintance needs help, and I can actually offer something, I'm first in line, whether it's editing a resume or talking someone out of suicide.  I only wish I had the $$ to help people with more than just writing stuff, mental health, or spiritual understandings.

I love reading spiritual books, but I especially love reading mind science books.  It's amazing how much information came from ancient India, too!  The real problem is that 5000 years ago, Indian mystics knew exactly what was going on, but the words they used had soooo many meanings, almost no one can interpret it correctly.  So I read and I ponder the siddhes, or watch videos on YouTube about the Shaolin temples and training, or yogis in Tibet.  And I wonder...!

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