Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Facebook Page

God help me, but I've gone and started a Facebook page for my series! 

To Be Sinclair Facebook page

Long description:
The To Be Sinclair series of science fiction romances consist of 'companion novels': Dignity and Majesty; Fealty and Royalty; Dynasty and Loyalty; an add-on book of four novellas titled Evan's Ladies; Nobility and Morality. Nine books covering a 54-year span of the greatest ruling family in the galaxy detail the love lives of the Sinclairs, starring Empress Felice Sinclair, the most important person in the galaxy.

Some of the science in the series include: stargates; matrixing; jumpships; FTL communications; and stasis fields. In addition to the books, I add 'Easter egg' short stories as lagniappes, principally from the point-of-view of secondary characters and generally more erotic than the books, because there's just sooo many opportunities for romance that I couldn't work into the books!

Come join my page to see what's going on in the Sinclair universe! 
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