Monday, June 23, 2014

The Perfect Blog Post

The title should state something superlative, or at least a particular number of promises you are to fulfill. Since you want to hook the reader with an intriguing title, you must promise them something they haven't read before, or at least, not recently.  This first paragraph then gives you the opportunity to convince them to read further, such as promising them huge traffic to your blog while bragging how successfully you did so recently.  Don't hold back!  This very personal first paragraph is critical to reel in the reader by generating rapport with you!

Don't Forget Graphics!

The second paragraph should ideally present the problem and solution in a generic way, complete with a photo that relates to the subject.  Since I am an author writing the Perfect Blog Post, I will include a picture of the front cover of my latest book, Morality.  It's really important to sprinkle relevant links throughout your blog post, so if you were to click on Morality, you would see it leads to its Amazon page.

Line Up Your Points

The next paragraphs expound upon the problems and solutions, and should be subtitled for the points or list you have promised.  But the most important part, the absolutely critical part, is that you add some kind of content that would be considered unique to everyone.  Perhaps it's a personal anecdote, perhaps some kind of revelation, a point of view no one else has considered before.  Nevertheless, you should really strive for that one unique piece of content that only you seem to have considered, and expound upon it thoroughly, as if you were an expert by then.

Show Your Proof

If you really want to wow the audience, line up some quotes from other people and link to them all throughout the post.  You can find just about anything you want online, such as this graphic explaining things better than I do, scientific research showing you exactly how to do it, or a big-name magazine relied upon by millions as a trustworthy source of information.  If you don't, perhaps you can cutesy-poo around with your magnificent personal findings until you convince your audience you have discovered the Next Great Thing.

Engagement Rules!

Next-to-last, you should provide a way for the reader to take action.  Do you want them to invest in your process or buy your product?  Give them half a dozen ways to do so!  Do you simply want them to follow you, or 'like' you on Facebook, or add you on Twitter?  If you know how to do fancy buttons, that's great!  Be certain you make it as easy as possible for them to engage with you, and at least ask them, "Please SHARE this page!"

Finally, shouldn't there always be a philosophical question at the end that makes the reader want to give his or her opinion?  Or, can you throw rules out the window because you are a jazzy, unique, best-selling author high on the crest of fame with whom everyone wants to engage already?

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