Saturday, January 26, 2013


By request! I have gathered the four erotic Easter Eggs of my first three novels together! Please 'like' and 'share' and 'buy' and 'read' and 'review' and ENJOY! Thanks soooo much!

How do you open honest dialogues about healthy sexuality with your spouse, your children, or your future partner? Follow the love lives of the Sinclairs in this anthology of erotic short stories!

These four short stories were added as 'Easter eggs' to the first three books of Eva Caye's To Be Sinclair series of futuristic romances. As introduced in each novel:

Erotic Easter Egg!

In video games, Easter eggs are undeclared codes the developers hide through which the gamer can access information, in-jokes, media files, new levels, and other surprises. I decided to attach some of my short stories to the end of my books without advertising them, for these stories are more erotic than the few mildly explicit scenes in the books themselves. If you do not enjoy sexually explicit descriptions, please do not read them! Usually they are far from ‘blazing hot’, but they can get pretty hot. I tend to use these stories to explore other points of view than the main ones in each novel. I hope you enjoy them!

"Wedding Night" -- from book 1, DIGNITY
"Truth, Not Consequences -- from book 2, MAJESTY
"Aim High" -- from book 3, FEALTY
"No More Masks" -- from book 3, FEALTY

The To Be Sinclair series covers the lives of the greatest ruling family in the galaxy. Although most are 50/50 science fiction to romance, MAJESTY is skewed heavily to science fiction, and FEALTY is skewed heavily to romance.
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