Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents: Snippet from LOYALTY

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is a lovely group of authors who work to promote this science fiction subgenre's potential as the best niche in the galaxy!  The newest idea is a sign-up, for up to 20 authors, for snippets to showcase our talents and give you an idea of our work.  Please visit SFR Brigade Presents! for this month's snippets.  And here is mine....

...in which Princess Anne Sinclair, fourth daughter and intellectual 'heir apparent' to Empress Felice Sinclair's stargate technology, discovers the depth of her lover's devotion....

SFR Brigade Presents:  a snippet from LOYALTY, Book Six of the To Be Sinclair series by Eva Caye

“...She died just before they arrived at the hospital, where the physicians were preparing to take the baby.”
Anne curled around him then, shedding her own tears.  “So.  You had a flashback.” Kissing his shoulder, she continued.  “But it is not fair for you to give me all the pleasure. [....] Mother says there must be give and take in a relationship, not just take.  You can’t expect to pour yourself into me and not get anything back in return.”
“I do, though.  I love you so much I can give you everything I am, all just to see the joy in your eyes.  I don’t expect anything of you and I never have.  I am your fool, your slave, your devoted servant, now and forever,” AndrĂ©s murmured.  He moved to cup her face in his hand. “I can put you on a pedestal because, after all, who else in the galaxy can be put on a pedestal?  You’re beautiful and brilliant and a princess of the most glorious empire there is.  You hold the secrets of a mysterious and powerful science.  You are it, Anne.  You are the reason pedestals exist.”

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