Friday, January 18, 2013

ROYALTY is out! Message me if you want to write an online review!

ROYALTY, book #4 in my To Be Sinclair series, is now available on Amazon and Smashwords!  With 8 books in my series, sometimes I have trouble figuring out which one is my favorite, but I think this is the one that everyone will love, both romance and science fiction readers!

Short description

Crown Prince Zhaiden Sinclair has found the lady of his dreams, child psychologist Renee Delacorte. Yet intelligence, education, and deep understanding cannot mitigate her fear to be in the public spotlight, a legacy of childhood trauma. Hard-pressed with Imperial duties, Zhaiden's private life suddenly comes under horrific public scrutiny when his fiancĂ©e is abducted. Has he lost Renee forever?

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For those who have not read the first three books in the series:

DIGNITY (book #1):

Short description

What will the greatest ruling family in the history of the galaxy be like? Take a morbidly paranoid Emperor who barely survived a coup at a young age, introduce him to a dedicated lady scientist in their heavily patriarchal society, add social, political, and scientific intrigue as well as an interstellar war, and you have a recipe for the strongest, most passionate romance in time and space

MAJESTY (book #2):

Short description

The greatest scientific discovery of all time leads to the deadliest weapon ever devised! How can Empress Felice Sinclair develop a dangerous technology vital to galactic expansion, yet still sell it safely? During political upheavals, does Emperor Victor Sinclair have her step up as a scientist or as Empress? When invasion is imminent, what must she do to deploy her weapon in secret?

FEALTY (book #3):

Short description

Who can you trust with your love? With your friendship? With your life itself? Prince Phillip Sinclair is lucky he can depend on Lord Alex, the best friend a man can have! Learn how Phillip and his brother Crown Prince Zhaiden overcome the paranoid tendencies of their parents Emperor Victor and Empress Felice, to build friendships with Fight Brothers who help them find the ladies of their dreams!

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